Keep-it merke

Keep-it reacts to temperature and shows accurate shelf life.

How keep-it works

Keep-it knows at any time the actual shelf life of a product as it react to the variations of temperature the product has been exposed to. This means that you know much more about the durability of the product than what you can read from the static date stamp being used today. Continue reading

How Keep-it works

Keep-it is adapted to each unique food product

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Keep-it shows the correct shelf life because it is adapted to each food product. Continue reading

Why Keep-it?


Every year Norwegian households throw away perfectly edible food worth more than 10 billions NOK. Today’s static date stamp system is one of the reasons behind this. Continue reading

Keep-it ensures quality within McDonald’s


Since 2007, Keep-it has worked together with McDonald's to develop a shelf life indicator for salads and onion. This work ensure high quality vegetables for the restaurants. Continue reading